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What is a Buy-Out Music Library? A one-time payment secures all synchronization and mechanical rights to use the music contained therein.

Where can I use Canary music? Video, audio/video productions, film, multimedia, Internet, message-on-hold systems, radio & TV commercials. The list goes on. Be creative!

Frequently Asked Questions Are there any other fees? There are no other fees for you as a producer after your initial payment. If you are preparing cue sheets when using a Canary composition in a TV commercial or program or a radio spot, we ask that you forward us a copy. By doing so, we can verify the composer and publisher information for the composition(s) so the correct parties receive credit for their music performance from their performing rights organization (i.e. ASCAP, BMI, etc.) Contrary to what you may have heard or been told by other music libraries, we cannot submit cue sheets on your behalf. Performing rights organizations only accept cue sheets from producers or broadcasters. Buy-Out vs. Needle-drop libraries. With a "needle-" or "laser-drop" library, you pay a fee for each composition you use, each and every instance it is used in your production (read: "royalty-per-use.") Individual needle-drop fees typically range from $75 to $1,500 or more. We believe one low price for a 99-year unlimited license is a better way. Why is the license for 99 years? Legally, a contract for license must have a specified time period. Ninety-nine years covers most any eventuality. Is The Canary Collection "Royalty Free"? Yes, in the sense that you pay one upfront fee to use our music as you wish with no other out-of-pocket fees. Performance royalties are paid to composers and publishers by their respective performing rights organizations (not you) when you submit a cue sheet as described in "Are there any other fees?" above. Is The Canary Collection "Copyright Free"? No. Disturbingly, buy-out music is frequently marketed as "copyright free" to unsuspecting clients. Calling our buy-out library--or any other--"copyright free" is inaccurate. Even for a piece of music in the public domain (i.e. Beethoven's Symphony No. 5), the sound recording is copyrighted (i.e. Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 on your favorite Boston Pops CD.) We are the copyright owner for Canary music. Is it OK to use on my client's productions? Certainly! In fact, Canary buy-out music can bring your business a significant amount of extra revenue. Simply charge clients a reasonable fee when you use your Canary library on their projects. You keep the fee(s) you collect. The Canary Collection often pays for itself with your very first production. Are there any restrictions? You cannot lend, share or distribute the music or sound effects. Like computer software, our license is granted to one individual, business and site. It is prohibited to copy or reproduce the music itself, in whole or in part, to sell or distribute as a music library or commercial recording. I bought your CDs on [auction site]... If you purchased our discs on eBay or another online auction site, you bought them from an unauthorized seller. Our License Agreement prohibits the sale of our products by licensees (see "Are there any restrictions?" above.) You have purchased unlicensed material from our Collection. For a small fee, you can obtain a valid License from us for the disc(s) you purchased. Remember, on auction sites: Caveat Emptor! Payment terms. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment. Your order ships the same day your credit card transaction is approved. Recognized institutions can provide us with a Purchase Order (Net 30 Terms) and upon approval we will ship your products along with 2 copies of your invoice for the purchase. Purchase Order requirements. Our payment terms are Net 30. We expect payment under your P.O. to be made within terms. If your P.O. specifies a payment term, please ensure it states "Net 30." "As Invoiced" is also acceptable. When you fax us your P.O., be sure to include the P.O. Terms and Conditions (if any) as we will review them prior to accepting your P.O. We reserve the right to refuse a Purchase Order (for instance, if the P.O. terms state payment will be made in 60 days.) Do you barter Canary to radio stations? No. This is a buyout library available for purchase only. At one time we offered radio stations the option to barter advertising time in exchange for the use of our library, however our parent company discontinued the Canary barter program over 3 years ago. Can I get a replacement CD for a broken disc? Yes. If you purchased from us and were either shipped a bad CD or one of your CDs broke over time, we will send you a replacement CD for free via USPS Priority Mail. Those requesting overnight delivery or shipment internationally will be charged our cost for shipping and handling (the replacement disc itself is still free.) Will you send me [Canary CD #] to preview? No, we will not send out the commercial product for preview purposes due to the ease with which the audio CD can be duplicated. If the audio previews available on this website are not enough to assist you in your decision, we will work with you to find another solution.
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