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What is a Buy-Out Music Library? A one-time payment secures all synchronization and mechanical rights to use the music contained therein.

Where can I use Canary music? Video, audio/video productions, film, multimedia, Internet, message-on-hold systems, radio & TV commercials. The list goes on. Be creative!

"What Does Canary Mean to My Business?" Here's what you get when you purchase from The Canary Collection Buy-Out Production Music Library: MORE MUSIC. Canary discs have 15 different musical themes on average. (Several CDs have more than 15 while a few contain less. None of our CDs offer you less than 10 different musical themes.) See our Audio Samples page for an accounting of themes on each CD. Our closest competitors offer CDs containing only 10 different musical themes, with the rare exception containing more. MORE VARIETY. Each musical theme has a full-length version (ranging from 1:30 to over 5:00) plus a :60 edit and a :30 edit. Depending on space constraints there is an underscore or rhythm mix of the full version (the main theme minus the lead instrument.) Again, based on free disc space, some themes have extra edits such as :20, :15 or :10 versions. LESS MONEY. Canary's individual CD prices are generally less than our main competitors' prices. . .and it goes without saying that our $50 disc containing 15 themes is a BETTER VALUE than a competing library's $50 CD containing less music! LESS PAPERWORK. And less complicated paperwork, at that! For instance, check out our simple Buyout License document. You won't find incomprehensible legalese in small typeface with 25 different terms and conditions. We made our License easy for you to understand while clarifying your rights under the License. You can finally take that expensive lawyer off retainer! TECHNOLOGY FRIENDLY. Each Audio CD is available in a computer-friendly Mac/PC hybrid CD-ROM format (.WAV files) which enables easy audio importing into your favorite computer-based audio/video workstation. Say goodbye to the days of "ripping" audio from an audio CD into your computer, then converting it to a computer format simply to be able to import the file into your favorite software program. Just drag and drop the file from the CD-ROM into your session! You get the corresponding ROMs free with your purchase of its Audio CD counterpart. PROVEN TRACK RECORD. The Canary library, begun in 1980, is the original buyout production music library. It is used by over 2500 radio stations in the United States. Canary music is heard on all major television networks as well as thousands of national, regional and local Cable TV channels/broadcasters; not to mention the use by countless A/V productions, corporations and educational institutions. We have clients in over 40 countries outside the U.S. and Canada. That's why we've been called the World's Most Popular Buyout Production Music Library. CONVENIENCE. For order processing or answers to your questions, call our friendly staff Monday-Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern Time. Download our faxable Order Form and fax in your order. Or, try emailing us your order. (For email orders, we'll call you with your total and ask for your Credit Card information so you don't have to provide it in a non-secure email.) Schools, radio or television stations, corporations and other recognized institutions can provide us with a Purchase Order (Net 30 terms.) Please visit our FAQ page for details regarding Purchase Orders. FLEXIBILITY. You can choose to purchase any number of discs based on your current or future needs. Whether you want to buy the entire Collection at once or start off slowly by building your collection several CDs at a time, you have the flexibility to do so. Please Note: Packaging available in heavy-duty binder format with CD sleeves and disc track sheets included. (Jewel-cased versions are available while supplies last; however, only for discs 101 to 150.)
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